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I couldn’t contain my excitement when Apple TV+ announced Tiny World, a docuseries celebrating nature’s unsung tiny heroes. With Paul Rudd’s charismatic narration guiding viewers through the mesmerizing feats of creatures from bees to rodents, this series promised unparalleled insights into the natural world. Plimsoll Productions, the brains behind the series, trusted me and my team at Sky Perth to handle aerial cinematography, a task I knew came with its own set of thrilling challenges.

Dancing Over the Waters

Shooting over water with drones isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. The sheer unpredictability of the marine setting and the need to operate from small boats can deter many. But for me, there’s magic in capturing the interplay between marine life, shorelines, and the vast blue expanse. Every ripple, every ray of light breaking through the water, brings out the drama and beauty of nature in ways that traditional shots just can’t match. It’s a dance – sometimes delicate, sometimes intense, but always mesmerizing.

Achieving the Incredible

Collaboration, detailed planning, and a lot of balancing on those boats led us to results that not only met but surpassed expectations. The joy of seeing our work seamlessly integrated into episodes, highlighting nature’s resilience and ingenuity, was indescribable. Knowing that:

  • Over 10 intense days of shooting
  • Using 6K Ultra HD for breathtakingly detailed visuals
  • And ultimately reaching over 40 million homes globally

Made every moment of the challenge worth it.

The Impact of a Pin-sized Perspective

Tiny World isn’t just a docuseries. It’s a testament that the most profound stories often lie in the smallest subjects. These tiny beings, often overlooked, are warriors in their own right, battling daily for survival and thriving against all odds. And I am beyond grateful to have been a part of a project that brought these tales to millions, showing the world that sometimes, you need to look a little closer to witness true wonders.


Check this link to know more about this project: APPLE TV | TINY WORLD – EPISODE 5 (REEF)

Considering an aerial touch to your next big project? Let’s explore the skies together and tell tales that resonate.

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Rodrigo Branco Matsumoto.


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