But it’s a $0 investment in a richer, more creative life.

Are you struggling with creativity? You’re not alone. Austin Kleon, in “Steal Like an Artist“, suggests that creativity doesn’t just strike; it’s built through actions. These steps might seem ‘expensive’ because they cost something more valuable than money – your time and effort. But they’re priceless in unlocking your creative potential. Let’s try:

  1. Take a 5-Minute Walk: Get outside. Fresh air can clear your mind. Notice the colours, the sounds. What’s different today?
  2. Snapshot Time: Use your phone to snap a picture of something interesting on your walk. A leaf, a shadow, anything! Why did it catch your eye?
  3. Quick Draw: When you’re back, scratch what you photographed. No art skills are needed – just draw.
  4. Share It: Post your photo and scratch it online or show it to a friend. Say, “Here’s what caught my eye today!” Its main idea is to foster confidence and inspiration by showcasing personal creativity to others.
  5. Connect the dots: Think about what you photographed and drew. How does this small detail connect to the bigger world? It may spark an idea for a project or remind you of something you want to try. Use this inspiration to take a tiny step towards a larger goal or idea.

Now, how do you feel? More creative? Sometimes, small steps lead to big ideas.

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Let’s chat – what simple thing helps boost your creativity?


Rodrigo Branco Matsumoto

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