Brand Storytelling

I was never able to achieve my dream.

Yet, this unfulfilled dream taught me invaluable lessons in shaping the winning stories for our clients’ businesses.

Imagine this: Growing up in Brazil, where kids dream of being soccer stars. That was my world. Every kick and every goal was part of a bigger dream. It wasn’t just playing; it was storytelling on the field.

Now, let’s shift this to our work. Think of each client as a kid with a soccer dream. They come to us with hopes and visions for their business. Here’s how we can make those dreams a reality:

  1. Deep Listening: Like understanding your teammate in a soccer game, listen intently to what our clients say. Pay attention to their goals, fears, and hopes. It’s not just words; it’s their business dream.
  2. Vivid Visualisation: Remember how we’d imagine scoring in big stadiums? We need to visualise our client’s goals with the same clarity. Picture their endgame – whether it’s a successful brand launch or an impactful marketing campaign.
  3. Strategic Planning: In soccer, every play is planned. Similarly, create a step-by-step plan for our clients. What kind of content captures their brand essence? How can our cameras tell their story best?
  4. Execute with Passion: Play every project like a final match. Bring energy and commitment. Use our cameras and drones as tools and as extensions of our creativity to capture their story.
  5. Review and Reflect: After a game, players discuss what worked. Do the same with our projects. Analyse what connected with the audience. Learn and improve for the next.

Our job is like being on that soccer field. Every client’s business is a dream they’re playing out. Our role is to be part of their team, helping them score those dream goals.

Have you ever had a dream that didn’t turn out as planned but led you to unexpected success in another area of your life?


Rodrigo Branco Matsumoto

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