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Crafting Moments to Remember.

Every memory and dream you cherish is special. That’s why I’m here: to make those moments shine even brighter. Together, we’ll bring your beautiful stories to life, ensuring they look as wonderful as they feel in your heart because your most treasured moments are worth celebrating.

How I Can Help.

Capture breathtaking aerial footage that adds depth and dimension to your content.

From pre-production to post, ensure your content stands out in today’s competitive digital landscape.

Great for filmmakers, marketers, or businesses looking to harness the power of visual storytelling.

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“In the end, no one is going to remember what you said or did. People will remember how you made them feel.”

– Matthew Luhn

The World According to Rodrigo.

Passionate about his craft, he consistently demonstrates his expertise in visual storytelling in each project he undertakes.

  • Chief Remote Pilot at Sky Perth.

  • Over eight years in aerial videography and video production.

  • Content featured on Netflix, AppleTV+, Disney+, SBS, Stan, and more.
  • Recognised for compelling visual storytelling.

  • Expertise spans documentaries, TV series, and brand campaigns.

Trusted by incredible companies.

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