I grew up amidst the lively rhythms of Sao Paulo, where the vibrancy of Brazilian life merged with my not-so-unique Japanese surname. While I deeply cherished my roots, there was an adventurous spirit in me yearning to explore further.

Drawn by tales of Australia’s vast landscapes and promising opportunities, I took a leap of faith and found myself in sunny Perth. This wasn’t just a new city but a playground of technology. Among all the gadgets and gizmos, the drone truly captured my attention.

On a bright and breezy day, armed with my camera and surrounded by surfer friends, I decided to dive into drone flying. It was more than just about snapping pictures; it was about mastering a craft. With each flight, I grew. With each shot, I told a story. And soon, those stories took flight, gracing screens on platforms like Netflix, AppleTV+, Stan, Disney+ and more.

My journey has been incredible, From Brazil’s bustling heart to Australia’s expansive vistas. Today, as the Chief Remote Pilot at Sky Perth, I’m not just a techie. I’m a storyteller, a moment capturer, and an eternal student of life.

My Mission

To serve and empower both individuals and businesses.

I aim to serve and empower both individuals and businesses, helping them realise their vision and tell their stories in the most impactful way.

To harness aerial videography’s power, capture breathtaking moments and craft stories that resonate. While continuously pushing creative boundaries, I remain committed to safety, ethical standards, and delivering excellence for every frame, every story, and every client.

Trusted by incredible companies.

My Values.

My values serve as the compass guiding my actions, decisions, and relationships in the world of aerial videography, video production and anything I do.

They represent my deep commitment to collaborating effectively, innovating consistently, operating with unwavering integrity, delivering excellence in every project, approaching narratives with cultural sensitivity, and making sustainable choices that honour our environment.

These core beliefs shape my engagement with clients the quality of my work, and distinguish me in my field.


Recognise the power of collective creativity, working hand-in-hand with clients and other collaborators to produce the best outcome.


Continually seek new tools, techniques, and perspectives to elevate the craft and provide unique visual experiences.


Ensuring transparency, honesty, and sincerity in all dealings, from client interactions to the final deliverable.


Not settling for the status quo, but always pushing boundaries to achieve the highest quality in every project.

Cultural Sensitivity

Recognising and respecting the diverse stories and backgrounds that come with global projects, ensuring inclusivity and understanding in every frame.


Being conscious of the environmental impact and making choices that respect our planet, especially in an industry that interacts closely with nature.