Embarking on a Creative Journey Together – Or Not

Let’s cut to the chase. Yes, you read that correctly. There are reasons you might think twice before choosing to work with me on your aerial photography needs. Surprised? Please, stay with me; it’s an interesting read.

Who Am I?

Allow me a moment to introduce myself. Since 2015, my drone hobby has turned into a professional pursuit. My passion for capturing the world from new heights has led me on incredible adventures. From the tranquil landscapes of Australia to the vibrant pulse of urban life, my drones have allowed me to share unique stories and offer views that many have never seen.

As outlined in my ebook “From Passion to Profit: Mastering Drone Photography“, my journey from enthusiasm to professional expertise is one of passion, continuous learning, and an unwavering commitment to capturing the world’s beauty from the skies.

But, Why Not Me?

  1. If You Prefer Conventional Photography: The essence of my work lies in the unique perspectives offered from above. However, if your vision is firmly rooted in traditional photography, we might not align perfectly.
  2. Budget Constraints: Exceptional aerial photography is an investment that reflects its value in artistry, skill, and resources. Working within a tight budget may require exploring different solutions or timing.
  3. Seeking Instant Results Without Creative Collaboration: The beauty of aerial photography emerges from planning, capturing, and meticulous editing. This journey demands time and shared creativity. If you’re not open to this collaboration, it might not be the right time for us to join forces.
  4. Looking For a Jack-of-All-Trades: While I have diversified my skills to include various aspects of photography and videography, my core lies in storytelling from the skies. I might not be your best choice if your project requires unrelated multimedia services.
  5. Seeking a One-Size-Fits-All Solution: Each project I undertake is approached uniquely and customised to fit each client’s desires and objectives through in-depth consultation. If a quick, generic solution is what you’re after, without the personalised touch, my approach may not meet your expectations.
  6. Focused on Volume Over Quality: I strive for excellence in every shot, seeking quality over quantity. If your project’s success is measured by the sheer volume of images rather than the impact of each photograph, our priorities might need to align.

Looking Ahead 

If any of the above points resonate with you, that’s fine. Finding the right creative partner is essential, and my distinct approach and areas of expertise might only suit some projects or visions.

However, if you’re intrigued by the possibility of exploring new perspectives if you value the art of storytelling from above, and if you’re ready to invest in capturing breathtaking visuals that elevate your narrative, let’s talk.

I can’t wait to hear from you.


Rodrigo Branco Matsumoto.

More photos and videos?

Did you like the photos and videos I shared here? Check out my complete portfolio at Sky Perth to see more of my work. You’ll find a diverse collection of visual stories that reflect my passion and dedication. Let’s explore this journey together!

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