In the place I proudly call home Perth, I often found myself looking up, drawn to the vast, open sky full of endless possibilities. This was where my journey into aerial artistry and photography began—a journey filled with passion, discovery and the joy of capturing unseen beauties.

“I don’t take a photograph, I make it”

“I don’t take a photograph, I make it”, Ansel Adams once said. These words resonate deeply with me as every flight every shot is a creation, a piece of art painted with light, colours, and shadows. My drone is not just a piece of technology; it is my brush and the world below, my palette.

Every day, I would explore the symbiotic relationship between the drone and me, learning to see the world through its eyes, understanding its perspective, and using it to paint my visual stories. I realized the true allure wasn’t just in the soaring heights but in the ability to capture the essence of life from a vantage point few get to experience. It’s a dance between the earth and the sky, where each flight tells a story, each photograph a frozen symphony of time and space.

Because of my deep passion, pursuing mastery in aerial photography became a joyful expedition, a constant exploration of the delicate balance between technical proficiency and artistic expression. It was not just about maneuvering the drone but about feeling the rhythm of the winds, aligning with the city’s heartbeat, and portraying its soul through my lens.

Challenges were my companions in this journey, whispering tales of resilience and innovation. They taught me that the journey of an aerial artist is not just about conquering the skies but about cherishing the land below, respecting its stories, and preserving its essence.

And because of this adventure into the skies, I’ve evolved, learned, and discovered the untold tales the winds narrate, the secrets the clouds whisper, and the myriad of colours the sun paints. It’s about capturing landscapes, emotions, moments, and stories, making each photograph a doorway to a new world and perspective.

Today, I invite you to join me in this exhilarating journey, to explore the passion and artistry in aerial photography, to discover the untold tales and unseen beauty of our world from above, and to create together photographs that are not just seen but felt.

Remember, it’s not just about capturing images; it’s about creating them, painting the unseen and unheard, and bringing the skies closer to the hearts. So, let’s soar together, create together, and discover the uncharted realms of aerial artistry!

See you next time!


Rodrigo Branco Matsumoto.

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