Drone photography in mining sites

Capturing the grandeur of mining sites from the sky is a unique thrill. It’s like a giant outdoor adventure with tech gear and lots of planning.

First up, the heat. Imagine the hottest summer day, then dial it up. That’s nearly every day in the north of Western Australia. Our drones struggle, especially when temperatures hit around 40 degrees Celsius. It shortens the battery’s life; sometimes, batteries swell after use.

There are days it’s just too hot to fly. Those days teach us patience. We wait, plan, and ensure that when we do fly, it’s safe. It’s a lesson in respecting nature.

Dust is our constant companion. It covers everything like a fine, gritty blanket.

Flying the drone is the highlight. It’s exhilarating! Each flight is a little adventure, mapped but still full of surprises. What will we uncover today?

Cleaning comes next. Think of it as a spa day for the drone after its big journey. It’s a detailed task, clearing away every speck of dust and keeping our gear primed for the next flight.

Editing our footage is similar to painting with videos. We transform clips—filled with rocks, trucks, and machinery into a narrative. It’s a story of collaboration, of humans and machines making big things happen.

It is thrilling to share these sky-high stories, showcasing the effort and dreams in remote areas. Each flight brings new tales; each landing concludes one.

Have you ever faced challenges while capturing photography or videography in extreme environments? What tips or tricks have you discovered for overcoming the hurdles of heat and dust when using drones?


Rodrigo Branco Matsumoto.

Text adapted from: https://www.skyperth.com/productions/capturing-the-essence-of-mining-sites-drone-photography/

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