To My Future Self on the 29th of February, 2028.

Today is a meaningful occasion. It’s a leap year day, a rare occurrence with a special place in our life journey. Just as this day is unique, I find myself on the precipice of fatherhood, penning this letter to you, my future self, in four years.

My Passion: My heart is in drone photography, filmmaking, and storytelling. It’s all about capturing life from above, telling stories that might never be seen otherwise. I hope these passions continue to drive me, pushing me to explore and share the unseen beauty of our world.

My Work: I’m in the thick of it with drones, filmmaking, and entrepreneurship. It’s about creating and sharing but also about building something lasting. I aim to inspire, lead, and innovate in how we see and tell stories. It’s about making an impact, one view at a time.

My Daughter: Her arrival is imminent, and my heart is filled with aspirations for her. I envision a future where I am the father I never had and where she blossoms in a world that celebrates her individuality, intelligence, confidence, and fearlessness. In four years, I see her engaging in conversations about the world, secure in her place.

Growing Up: My focus is on staying healthy for my family and for me. It’s about serving my clients and friends and keeping my passion alive no matter what. Health is my priority, so I can be there for my daughter in every way she needs.

The Future: The rapid pace of technological advancements, particularly in AI and medicine, both exhilarates and unsettles me. I am eager to adapt and learn to ensure we are prepared for a future where we can lead longer more fulfilling lives. Financial prudence is paramount; I strive to provide for my family, making astute decisions to safeguard our future.

Actions for the Future:

  1. Push the boundaries of storytelling through my lenses.
  2. Be the guide and mentor my daughter needs.
  3. Prioritise health and well-being for sustained energy and presence.
  4. Stay ahead of technological advancements, using them to enrich our lives.
  5. Build financial security through intelligent entrepreneurship.

When you read this, four years from now, I hope these actions have shaped our path. I hope you’re looking back with pride, knowing we’ve lived true to our dreams and are ready for whatever comes next.

Till then,

Rodrigo Branco Matsumoto.

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