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Among the many wonders Australia offers, its diverse tourist experiences stand out, making it a hub for travellers from around the world. When Tourism Australia decided to bring these tales to the forefront, they sought the best. It was an honour when Sky Perth, standing among the top video production teams in Western Australia, was chosen to encapsulate these moments of wanderlust.

Everywhere & Every Way

This project wasn’t just about cameras and angles but about being at the heart of the experience. We were there whether hovering in helicopters, cruising in seaplanes, bumping along in 4WDs, or gliding in boats. In essence, we went to every length and mode of transport to capture the authentic spirit of each tour. From the sky to the ground, from the coastline to the outback, we didn’t just film; we lived the journey.

The Tangible Triumphs

Our adventures translated into:

  • A captivating 1-minute video that promises to take viewers on a lifetime journey.
  • A plethora of aerial and ground photographs capture the vastness and intricacies of Western Australia.
  • Versatile clips to amplify promotional materials, which now grace the offerings of around 40 tour operators spanning from Esperance to Kimberley.

Adding to the grandeur:

  • Our collaboration extended to over 29 tour operators within Western Australia.
  • This monumental effort was part of a project encompassing 1,500 tourism operators across 57 Australian regions.
  • The content creation initiative? A whopping $12 million investment to uplift tourism businesses across the land down under.

Beyond the Lens

Each snapshot and clip isn’t just a visual but a story – of the passionate tour operators, the spellbinding landscapes, and the very soul of Western Australia. I’m elated to have played a part in this symphony of travel tales.

Check this link to learn more about this project, watch videos and more: TOURISM AUSTRALIA – NECI PROJECT

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