Capturing the Spirit of the Harry Perkins Institute’s MACA Cancer 200 Ride

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I’m thrilled to share our latest adventure, a project that’s both close to our hearts and monumental in its impact. The Harry Perkins Institute‘s MACA Cancer 200 Ride, now in its 12th year, holds a special place in our portfolio. It’s also our 5th year covering this event.

A Heartening Collaboration

This year, we continued our proud partnership, marking five years of capturing the essence of this inspiring two-day, 200km journey. Over 1,800 riders and their supporters pedalled passionately, not just for fitness, but for a cause much greater – cancer research.

Embracing the Challenge

Capturing the spirit of this event was an exhilarating challenge. Imagine navigating through throngs of cyclists, their families, and the vibrant atmosphere of determination and hope. Our task was to weave this tapestry of emotions into a story that resonates.

We succeeded thanks to our dedicated team of camera operators, drone pilots, photographers, and assistants. Their expertise and strong connection with the Harry Perkins Institute allowed us to craft a narrative that truly represented the event’s heart and soul.

Celebrating the Triumphs

Our efforts culminated in over 10,000 photographs, a comprehensive long-form video, and numerous clips highlighting key moments. These were not just media assets but stories of resilience, community, and hope.

Behind the Lens

A standout aspect of this project was our team’s synergy. Meticulous planning, matched with our commitment to excellence, enabled us to capture the event’s spirit in every shot, every frame.

Reflecting on the Journey

This project reiterated a crucial lesson: storytelling isn’t just about capturing moments and weaving a narrative that touches hearts. At Sky Perth, we believe in the power of visual storytelling to make a difference.



Join Me on Our Next Adventure

Are you eager to see more from this project or collaborate on a future endeavour? Visit the Sky Perth website for a closer look at our previous projects for the Harry Perkins Institute covering the MACA Cancer 200 Ride event.

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